Have a shower outdoor? Why not?

Bathing is a luxury when we travel or camp in the wild. But our solar water bag can meet the needs of outdoor hot water bathing.

This solar shower bag is with the solar heating structure, environmental-friendly, and energy-saving works well to capture the warmth of the sun, bring you a comfortable warm bath. With a large mouth, It is easy to inject and drain water; also, a leak-proof spigot ensures stable water flow. In addition, equipped with the safe hanging cord, it will bring convenient and secure to take a bath; also, soft handle and pipe effectively reduces your hand's strain and prevents heavy water from damaging the handle.


How to use

* Prepare warm water diluted with one tablespoon of baking soda and rinse the shower bag in it before the first application.

* Fill the camp shower bag with water. Lay the bag in direct sunlight with the black side facing the sun. Choose a flat surface on which to lay the bag so it has full exposure to the sun's heat.

* Wait at least three hours for the heat from the sun to warm the water inside the shower bag; however, you can also leave the bag out in the sun all day.

* Hang the shower via its hanger from a sturdy tree outdoors or a standing post indoors or on a yacht or trailer. Face the hose valve downward when using it as a shower.

* Pitch a tarp around the shower bag to optionally ensure privacy. Drape the tarp over a rope and string both ends of the tarp onto two sturdy posts. Repeat on both sides, if necessary. You can also use a shower tent.

* Twist the hose valve open to release water, which will run via gravity out of the shower bag.


* Heating temperature cannot exceed 50°C, otherwise will affect its service life.

* Make sure you check the water temperature with your hand before use it. If it feels too hot on your hand, put the shower bag in the shade to cool for a bit.

* The water CANNOT be drunk. 

* Please empty and dry the bag before storage.